Saturday, July 12, 2008

Featured in the Guardian Guide

Today I'm featured in the weekend Guardian Guide:

"As a culmination of her Derby artist-in-residence stint, Natalie Dowse presents paintings and animations that reflect something of the awkward bemusement experienced by any first-time visitor to a typically nondescript shopping centre. Working from digital portraits, Dowse fleshes out the photographic glimpses through the more painstaking process of painting. The anonymous faces appear transfixed by the mundane quandary, their meticulously delineated features belying a tendency to become absorbed back into the crowd. Other works focus on the consumer treadmills of escalators and cable cars." Robert Clark

You can see it online here:


Andrew Martyn Sugars said...


wow, you've been reviewed by such an influentcial figure, you must be well chuffed. Well done you.

Natalie said...

Hi AMS - welcome to my new blog. Yes I was very chuffed - there was also a picture printed too.


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