Monday, September 15, 2008

Forget Me & Hidden Battles, Fort Brockhurst

I enjoy experiencing and seeing art displayed in alternative venues. The cold damp eery setting of Fort Brockhurst can send a shiver down your spine! The Fort was open free of charge as part of the Heritage Open Days.

Beach Babe (pencil on paper):

Forget Me - curated by Gristle Mountain (see post below for further information):

Hidden Battles: A residency at Fort Brockhurst lead by artist Caroline Cardus as part of the Go Make commissioning programme.

Caroline Cardus is a visual artist who uses her own experiences of disability to produce work that investigates the practical, emotional and human rights issues with regard to disability experience. During this residency Caroline worked with local people to explore the everyday battles and barriers that disabled people face and the impact this has on the individual. Fort Brockhurst offered a dynamic and innovative setting to examine the issues of exclusion, defenece and barriers.

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