Saturday, November 8, 2008

Comments from Skimming the Surface

Here are a few selected comments from the "Skimming the Surface" exhibition at Derby Art Gallery:

Fascinating talk and beautiful exhibition - an excellent use of your time in Derby. I especially love the iconic "One in a Million".
FW - Ireland

Most impressive. 'Three's a Crowd' is amusing, disturbing and thought provoking. Should be in the Tate Modern.
Tom, Reading

Don't like the 'lift' works but: Move effective and evocative than Richter (whom I always felt was overrated) or Tuymans. The 'trees', 'Constellation' and 'Million' are very effective. Brilliant work!

Absolutely fantastic! Can relate it all very much to my own practice with photography - displacement, the uncanny, quick glances. RD

Very emotive and atmospheric - deserving of my stock 'art critic' phrases. Makes me feel uncomfortable but warm at the same time, a detached yet involved feeling that allows me to use conflicting description to avoid explaining what I mean but trusting that you as the artist and authority have the insight to understand.
'Fierce', Derby

It's lovely to view live creativity produced by someone I know. I'm very in love with 'Three's a Crowd' - quirky in composition but atmospheric it makes me curious of what has not been included in the canvas.
Gail, Derby

I really liked how you have used oils and brushes in the protraits. CCTV effects also give each portrait a ghostly effect as if the viewer is part of the machine that watches over us. I can relate similarities between the spoken word poem I wrote and performed and your paintings. I think there is a detached feeling for the viewer. In the portraits the machine has no feeling towards that which it sees, there is no colouring of emotion or memory. I think your paintings are very good as you have captured all I have mentioned above and more. Now, how do the paintings make me feel? I don't have enough pages in the book to put it down. JC

Painting which 'imitates' photography and film is futile and pointless (why not just look at the original forms). Also, isolating a 'moment' from a sequence is again rather pointless and contradictory, and inevitably 'second best' to the actual movement itself. However, interesting images and technically competent.
AN, Stafford

I loved the detail of the 'Heights of Abraham' and 'Heavens Above!'. 'Work in Progress' was understated and challenging. I loved the first three canvasses in 'Market Hall Corner'. They caught my imagination more than the last two.
PS, Belper, Derbyshire

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