Monday, February 23, 2009

Gerhard Richter Portraits

The Gerhard Richter Portraits exhibition opens at the National Portrait Gallery on 26th February. I can't wait to see this show - must plan a trip to London soon:

Perhaps it's 'childish' to have heroes - but he's one of mine!

One of the comments from my 'Skimming the Surface' exhbition in Derby stated:

"Painting which 'imitates' photography and film is futile and pointless (why not just look at the original forms). Also, isolating a 'moment' from a sequence is again rather pointless and contradictory, and inevitably 'second best' to the actual movement itself. However, interesting images and technically competent."

Then I think about Richter's essays and paintings to redress the balance. Ahhhh equilibrium!

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