Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Drawing Comparison


Fiona said...

Are you going to do the Jerwood? You need to register by the 22nd. This is lovely. when are you coming to weymouth?


Natalie said...

Thank you Fiona - this is a very large drawing, made whilst feeling very emotional! I know I only have a few days left to decide if I'm going for Jerwood. Going to spend the next few days in the studio drawing before I make a final decision. I would love to come and see you very soon. I'll discuss that on an email.

Are you going for the Jerwood this year?


Fiona said...

I am dithering. I have a small drawing I really like but feel it might not have the necessary gravitas or size. Mind you gravitas and size hasn't worked in the past! It has the advantage of portability.


do. email me.


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