Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A small world...

It certainly can feel like a small world sometimes. Two of my really good artist friends, Kate Smith and Fiona Robinson have been selected as the curator's choice on the Axis artists' site at the same time - click here to see more. Congratulations to you both.

Kate Smith - Residual Mark (Fade 1), 2009

Fiona Robinson - Veils of Memory, 2009

This happened a few year's back with me and another friend Juno Doran, when our work was selected for a curated painting selection on the same site - click here for more. This resulted in us both being selected for 'Sugar and Spice' at the Vegas Gallery, London.

These chance moments always bring a little smile to my face.


juno said...

yep, i was thinking that only happens to good people ;)

Fiona said...

Oh Nat,
thank you so much for flagging that up I was really pleased and it is good to be sharing a platform with Kate too. I am loving all the little snippets of work and images you are posting - the icicles were awesome!!
See you soon?? BTW You didn't miss much with the London Art Fair I have to say, I wasn't exactly riveted!
F x


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