Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top Banana!

I've just bought my first copy of Turps Banana - and really looking forward to some serious self-indulgent reading about painting (and why not indeed), as their website states:

"No Advertising.
No Backers.
No Professional Critics.
No Life Style Drivel.

Just obsessive, self absorbed, deluded, lonely, dirty, penniless, alcoholic painters discussing what they love most. Turps Banana is the only painting magazine written exclusively by painters."*

*Caveat: I would just like to add I maybe many of the above - but not alcoholic or dirty! (Not that I have ever contributed or adhere to such stereotypes!!!!).

I hope I won't be disappointed - I'll let you know.

Also, there's an excellent (in my opinion) painting show on at Aspex at the moment by Andy Harper "An Orrery for Other Worlds". For me this is one of the most interesting exhibitions they have hosted for a while and runs until 18th April. One major piece was commissioned for this exhibition and painted in situ over a period of three days: painted on a large blown Perspex globe which hangs in the middle of the gallery. The works on canvas are equally as impressive (mainly completed in one day). I have always had a fascination with work that hovers between the concrete and abstract - and this work occupies that space. See installation shots here: Andy Harper.

To help celebrate our 30th Anniversay year at Art Space Portsmouth (where I have my studio and work as the part-time studio co-ordinator) The News published a three page article about the organisation. I'm really happy with the result - and hope we survive another 30 years! (All thanks to our vibrant membership).

Image courtesy of: The News - Saturday 6th March 2010.

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KW said...

Hey Natalie .. looks like you're the 'top banana' in Portsmouth .. haha ..

Nice article, well done .. I'm sure it can only be good for Artspace ..



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