Saturday, April 3, 2010

rising tides of bureaucracy

Today I visited aspex to see Jeannie Driver's installation, 'rising tides of bureaucracy' - a truly stunning piece of work. The photos really do not do this piece justice, as experiencing this 'up close' through the glass walls of arc space was something special. The whole office had been partially filled with shredded paper - with just the tops of the office furniture poking through.

Photograph copyright Jeannie Driver

Photograph copyright Jeannie Driver

"Jeannie’s socially engaged practice explores issues and experiences common to us all. Her aim is to create situations and catalysts that encourage a re-examination of everyday life issues to raise thought, dialogue and debate.

The installation is a visual response to an ongoing and consuming relationship with paper and paper work and creates a visualisation and play of notions of ‘quantity’ as other artists may explore ‘scale’. The installation is the latest work by Jeannie Driver that has derived from her experiences as a freelance artist, project manager and consultant."

"No paper was ‘wasted’ for the purpose of this installation."

Of course being at aspex enabled me to view Andy Harper's wonderful show once again (see previous post) and a new beautiful new exhibition in gallery 2 by Naori Priestly.

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