Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some good news...

Today I had some very good news. I received an email this morning telling me I had been selected as a finalist for this juried contemporary painting prize: This made me very happy :)

Time flies...

It was exactly three years' ago that I moved to Derby to start the Jonathan Vickers Fine Art Award. This residency was such an amazing experience and one that I will never forget. I have such wonderful memories ... it gave me time to work on my artwork full-time, as well as challenging myself as a person by moving to a new city without knowing a soul. Although I had done this several times before by going to art college and University - there wasn't the 'all in the same boat' network - and this made it even more liberating. As part of this residency I also had chance work with students in the Fine Art department at the University of Derby, where Shed 5 became my studio for the following 10-months.

This was my second residency experience - the first being a 6-week visit to Latvia in 2006. I do realise how fortunate I was to be awarded both of these opportunities and will always be truly grateful. The work I made in Latvia most certainly informed my project proposal for my Derby application. It is a cliche to say 'how time flies' - but it is true - 'it only feels like yesterday' to add another!!

Tomorrow I will be welcoming our second international artist-in-residence, Josefina Posch from Sweden, to Art Space Portsmouth. So having been on both sides of the fence - I can really appreciate the value of these opportunities and the value of exchange. It is not my intention to be sentimental about it but I just felt the need to record this in some way ... so why not here?


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