Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday... from the (hot) studio...

Tilly - helping me with my
I am half-way through a luxurious week of working solely in my studio. I desperately needed a week to get my 'head in the right place' again after a break due to other commitments. Don't get me wrong... I'm not complaining as work has been very exciting recently. Planning Open Studios and the next International Residency at Art Space Portsmouth AND being fortunate enough to have work teaching Fine Art at the University of Portsmouth - which was absolutely brilliant, working with third years preparing for their shows - a great time of year to be involved!

So, Monday: I had a total disaster trying out something new. It all went very wrong (I know it is part of the process BUT)...  anyway, I then decided to stop trying to reinvent the wheel and just work on something that I wanted to do. I often find myself over-anaylising and thinking too much - which on occasion gets in the way of creating. So I'm happy, for the moment anyway... painting.

Working in the new studio (white-washed conservatory) at home is working out quite well. It's great as I can work into the night without interruption, stop for a dinner at any time, and get the washing done. The down side is that it is just too hot most of the time AND there are too many cats' hairs sticking in my paint - hey-ho we can't have it all can we!


... daisy... said...

I'm sure Tilly is a great help... and I am sure you will succeed! :-) You're working real hard, but it's something you love and do with passion... :-)

Natalie said...

Hi Diasy - thank you. Tilly is a fantastic help of course ;) x


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