Sunday, August 14, 2011

Touch and Trace: Kate Smith...

Touch and Trace: an exhibition by Kate Smith
Derby Museum and Art Gallery, The Strand, Derby
Exhibition runs until 30th October 2011

Kate Smith: Touch and Trace installation view

I've just got back from a flying visit to Derby and Kate Smith's exhibition. The show opened on Friday night, alongside Jayne Falconer's exhibition, 'Eighteen', both exhibitions run until 30th October. The two shows complement each other beautifully and both Kate and Jayne will be in conversation in the gallery on 29th September between 1-2pm. Kate also has a simultaneous exhibition at Deda, Derby which opens next week and also runs to the 30th October.

I met Kate whilst on the Jonathan Vickers' residency 3 years' ago. I first saw her work at an open studio event at Banks' Mill, where I waited ... and waited ... to be able to speak to her. I couldn't leave without discussing her work for which I am a massive fan. The works are very highly detailed and each piece takes months to complete. My photos here really do not do the work any justice. If you can, I would strongly recommended a visit.

Kate Smith: Touch and Trace installation view

"Kate Smith in particularly interested in the physical contact of the hand with the surface and the multitude of ways in which the activity and gesture of drawing can result in marks and imprints.

She examines indicators of human presence - a worn piece of fabric, a footprint in the sand, or a furrow in a field - as well as marks and residues left behind as the result of conscious and unconscious action or gestures.

Kate investigates the idea of drawing as a form of contact between artist and medium, artist and audience and audience and work. She is interested in the literal and implied connections made between individual pieces of work and how these are orchestrated through exhibition and installation.

She explores questions and thoughts such as: the difference between a mark consciously made or unconsciously recorded; impressions left with intent or as a result of spontaneous actions and gestures; intimate marks which imply the presence of another and those which do not. These are unravelled, examined and re-examined over a long period of time and represented through a variety of media, scale and dimension."

Kate Smith: Touch and Trace installation view

To find out more - Kate's website:
Kate's blog:


Kate said...

Thanks Natalie, it was lovely to see you and I'm really glad you persevered with the waiting and waiting...:)

Natalie said...

;-) x

Phil Illingworth said...

Thanks for posting this Natalie, almost makes up for missing the PV. The show looks great.

Natalie said...

Hi Phil the show is truly beautiful. These dark photos really do not do it justice.


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