Sunday, September 18, 2011

A hard weekend in the studio...

As previously mentioned ... the time had come to start moving my old artwork and equipment into the new studio. This process starting on Friday afternoon and as predicted the lovely space was slowly taken over. Only half the contents have been moved so far, but with a very good friend, we set about making a new storage rack today. Needless to say we were both aching by the end. However, good progress was made and tomorrow I have to move the rest ... I may have to start seriously culling old artworks, and I'm glad I have started to scale down my work recently. I'm quite pleased with myself, as for the very first time, I managed to cut a full length (8 foot) piece of chipboard with a hand saw ... it took ages!

The beginning - 10am

The end (some paintings rehoused) - 7pm


Phil Illingworth said...

Looks great! Welcome to my world - by the sounds of things you would have been handy here - good work, carpenter Dowse :)

Natalie said...

Thanks Phil - I've got a bad back and sore knee this morning though! :)


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