Friday, April 26, 2013


I desperately needed to start.... the longer this non-starting continued the worse things got... I became intimidated by my own artwork (or lack of it)!

I have been very busy this year with the day job. What to do? I took a week's leave. This helped ... gave me the kick start required. I have been busy this year, with framing for my GASP exhibition...

Did I mention I have been busy with the day job...? I sold some work :)

I still needed to start! I took a week's leave .... and it helped ... it kick started me. I have now started.... I may have mentioned?

I have now started and the obsession has hold again... and so the cycle continues. I am now happy... for a little while at least.

"When I start to paint, it is real agony. I get nervous. The day before, I am already working up to it. Then I get to the studio and, once the image starts to emerge and come together, pleasure kicks in. And then you can see things that no other person can see."

Luc Tuymans


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